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FT847-SuperControl © program features

Do you want to see a Microsoft-Powerpoint presentation of the features ? So please use this download link (approx. 1.5MB):

FT847-SuperControl presentation



Full transceiver control via buttons in the software. Frequency and mode will be polled automatically from the transceiver. So a normal tuning on the transceiver itself will be detected and shown in the software vfo's.

- Full duplex (two-way) crossband repeater with semi repeater-offset. The FT-847 transceiver itself is only able to do one-way crossbanding.
- Full TCP/IP network remote control of the transceiver. It is possible to start the software either in Server or Client mode. So it would be possible to control your transceiver in rel time via local TCP/IP networks or also via Internet, without the use of third party remote control software. This function has been updated for Voice over IP (VoIP).
- Full duplex Voice over IP (VoIP) program part, to submit AF audio data via TCP/IP networks (also via Internet) in Client and Server mode. There is no need anymore to use third Party software like MS-Netmeeting or Speakfreely. The Voice over IP program part will use the GSM standard to provide fast communication and a narrow bandwidth (for slower modem connections).

- Open memory database with an unlimited amount of possible memories in an overall view. The memory banks of all amateur radio bands are visible and useable with ease at the same time. Several additional memory banks are available. Also memory banks with the possibility to save offset, DCS, DEC, ENC and Easycomm-data are available. The easycomm-data can be sent to another serial port to drive easycomm-compatible hardware like rotors and much more.

- Scanning of single memory banks, there is no need to scan all memory banks at the same time. Your FT-847 transceiver has only 100 internal memories, which must be scanned all at once. If you've saved frequencies out of different bands and if you want to scan these memories, you 'll hear a rapid clicking of relais-type-devices in the transceiver. It is not proved, but we're sure, that continuous long time period scanning, will shorten the life of these relais type devices.

- Clone data memory-management for the internal memories of the FT-847® transceiver. FT847-SuperControl® is able to read, edit, archive and send back clone files to the transceiver. It's easy to set up different clone files and copy them on your harddrive. If you want to use special setup's in the transceiver, simply send the wanted clone file to the rig. Clone files can be edited with the help of existing FT847-SuperControl® memory banks of course.
- Original like copy of the meter bars (s-meter, power-meter, discriminator-meter, etc.).
- Support of up to eight different serial ports. These ports are to be used when converting an USB-port to a serial-port as many of the converting software's will take COM5 for the first converted USB to serial port.

- Logbook - function

- Skedbook - function

- Wave recording of qso's or other important signals. FT847-SuperControl® has the possibility to record signals either when the squelch has been opened or on other selectable events. For this feature, a standard sound-card in the computer is necessary. The recorded data will be saved automatically to a special drawer and can be replayed at any time

- Internet based telnet dx-cluster logger shows the latest dx-spots in the vfo-display of the software

- ARS - detection after modification of the transceiver. It's also possible to set up different offsets in the same band.

- Spectrum scope of AF (Audio frequency).

- Full featured vfo scanner with software based quick memory bank - function (QMB). It's possible to set up different scan ranges.

- Voice announcements of frequency, mode and other important functions.

- Configurable homechannels for each amateur radio band

- Calculated target frequencies on two additional VFO-display’s for the use with transverter-devices. The software is capable to administrate up to four transverter- or downconverter devices and is able to display the final frequencies in realtime. Of course we can use these final frequencies for the Doppler calculation in satellite mode!

- DDE-interface (Dynamic Data Exchange) to satellite-tracking programs (NOVA®, Satscape® etc.) for Doppler-correction in satellite mode. The Doppler-corrected frequency will be send to the transceiver, so no manual tuning is needed anymore, when working satellites. RX- and TX-VFO will be continuously updated with doppler-corrected data. Of course, possible calculated transverter frequencies will be taken as source for the final calculation of the doppler shift. So this part is 100% compatible with AO-40 or other super-high frequency satellites. Various possibilities to alter the way to calculate the doppler shift itself are available in the settings.

- Priority channel supervision (up to eight Channels at the same time)

- Visual band scope with different scan-steps and various possibilities.

- EasyComm interface to drive a rotator or other EasyComm-compatible hardware via special memories and the doppler correction function. FT847-SuperControl is able to track a satellite with the Help of NOVA. Azimuthal and elevational data which is also provided by NOVA, can be sent via another serial port to your Easycomm-hardware. So it is possible to track the satellite perfectly with your az-el antenna-rotator.

- Automatic 10 minute station id
- Remote control the FT-847 transceiver via TCP/IP networks possible (also via the internet).
- Testing environment for undocumented cat commands.
- It is possible to have the Yaesu FC-20 autotuner full functional connected to the transceiver at the same time
- Full ARS rotator interface support via DDE
- Full support for the W4RT-Electronics OTT-847 interface. With this interface you can drive automatic antenna tuners from LDG (Supported are the AT-11MP, RT-11 and A-1000, as will be future models). FT847-SuperControl offers a One-Touch Tune and a No-Touch Tune function. That means automatic tuning without a push of a button!
- Tone Generator and DTMF tone encoder
- DTMF tone decoder (remote control is under development)
- CW-Keyer (keys the transceiver via another serial port).
This CW-Keyer offers lots of functions like user definable CW speed setups, macro operation etc., etc. !

Vy 73 de Peter, DH1NGP


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