Revision Log
for the FT-847 Knowledgebase (FAQ)

21Jul07 Added a AGC-Off modification from Peter Frenning, OZ1PIF
21Jul07 Added a power switch modification from Dirk Schray, DL8UA
09Sep04 Three solves added if the transceiver automatically goes into (unwanted) transmit mode
28Aug04 Added a temperature controlled fan modification for the FT-847. Tnx to Peter OZ1PIF
24Jan04 Added a simple do-it-yourself-PSK31-interface for the FT-847. Tnx to Brian Slosson KC2GNV
24Jan04 Added a modification sheet in PDF format. Tnx Jochen Heilemann, DG2IAQ
24Jan04 Updated discussion about the power switch replacement. Original part number supplied by VE2FSK
24Jan04 The link to the online users manual has been changed by Yaesu.
Added new link. Pse also start a search for "users manual" at the Yaesu homepage.
24Jan04 Updated discussion about Linear Amplifiers for FT-847 (VL-1000) by John Siegel
24Jan04 Added a direct link to the FT-847 modification page on
21Jan04 Updated discussion about birdies. Added a fix. Tnx DB8BS
11June03 Added a new modification to solve the chattering relay problem. Tnx Jochen DG2IAQ
23May03 Updated discussion about the Power switch. Added a simple repair method - done and reported by Emil SP5LBS
22May03 Added information about where to find an online users manual for the FT-847 transceiver (
20May03 Updated discussion about fan issues and the zener diode fix. Voltage of the fan is 12 volts.
18May03 Updated discussion about the Workaround for Matching Range Limits of the Yaesu FC-20 tuner.
It seems that there is a simple way to get a 7:1 matching range instead of a 3:1 range. David KI7WZ came up with that solution.
02Apr03 Updated Information about the FT847-SuperControl CAT software which fully supports the W4RT OTT-847 interface now. Automatic tuning vie CAT is possible now.
01Apr03 Added information about the OTT-847 interface. Barry W4WB has developed a new interface to connect to LDG tuners.
Now it is possible to have One-Touch Tune and automatic CAT software tuning (No-Touch Tune)
08Oct02 Updated discussion about Inrad filters. Barry W4WB sent in a photo which shows you how to properly route the cables, etc. for the installation of the INRAD filters.
26Sep02 Updated discussion on 6-pin DC power cord for the FT-847
26May02 Updated Yaesu contact information
22May02 Updated discussion on using the CAT interface together with the FC-20 automatic tuner at the very same time. It's possible !!!
21May02 The FT-847 FAQ is now maintained by Peter, DH1NGP. A big "thank you" goes to Jay Rutherford for his great initial work on the FAQ.
15Jul01 Updated Power Switch Replacement directions;updated discussion on birdies, noises and other weird problems;updated discussion of available software (RATS FT-847).
25Mar01 Updated discussion on power connector. It looks like the part number given in the FAQs is not correct.
21Mar01 Updated Power Supply Replacement discussion (don't touch the LCD display); added three photos to Power Supply REplacement discussion; minor update to schematic for sound card interface.
09Mar01 Added LogWindows software listing; updated PC software discussion
26Feb01 Updated discussion on available PC software (FTBasic and SuperCAT); added FAQ regarding mobile mount; added FAQ regarding memory backup battery replacement.
09Feb01 Updated discussion on FC-20 issues;added more general discussion regarding chattering relays and display problems on TX, most often due to cable problems.
01Feb01 Added a new discussion by John N3ZKK for replacing only the internal parts of the power switch, instead of the complete switch. Also, a method of field swapping parts between the unused contacts and the MOX switch as well.
15Jan01 Rewrote discussion on interfacing sound cards with FT-847 for HF digital modes.
10Jan01 Rewrote discussion on serial number codes
01Jan01 Updated and rewrote some of the discussion on digital mode operations to reflect the new modes in use and to cover the units now available for plug & play interfacing. Updated VOX discussion with a new offering soon to be available from Inrad.
02Dec00 Moved the open mike problem discussion to a separate FAQ; added a photo image of the AF-CTRL board showing how to install the open mike fix.
23Nov00 Added official Yaesu fix for open mike problem in digital operations
22Oct00 Updated discussion on open mike during digital operations;
14Oct00 Updated discussion on Volume Control based on information from Yaesu Tech Support; updated discussion on FC-20 workaround for 3:1 SWR tuning limit.
28Sep00 Added hookup diagram for interfacing to IBM Thinkpad; updated discussion on hooking the power cables up backwards;updated other mikes for use on FT-847; updated W1EMT call to K1UC.
04Sep00 Added link for ATAS-100 motor control; added David AD6KI's "DOX" interface from the Sept. 2000 QST; added searchable index to main page
20Aug00 Added discussion on ALC control of RF output power
14Aug00 Updated the instructions for replacing the power switch
08Aug00 Update on Hooking up power backwards; added Henk PA0CIS modification to deal with a 432 switching transient noise
29Jul00 Updated discussion of software item FT847 Supercontrol; added reference to an optoisolator sound card interface
20Jul00 Added to discussion on grounding regarding "frying noises"
02Jul00 Added FAQ on low voltage/current symptoms; added discussion of Clarifier (RIT) characteristics; added discussion of Quadra solid state linear amp
08Jun00 Added update to Power Switch problems; updated serial number discussion; updated discussion of filters; updated discussion of overloads from commercial high power transmitters; updated AT-11 discussion.
29Apr00 Added new software item
18Apr00 Added discussion on QSK or full break-in keying in CW; added part number for Power Connector; added discussion on linear amplifiers suitable for the FT-847
10Apr00 Updated discussion on 9600/1200 bps modem connections
20Mar00 Added discussion on RX range limitations, affecting non-USA versions.
11Mar00 Added Yaesu contact information; changed link names; fixed URL change; added discussion on how to disassemble the front panel in order to replace the power switch or to work on the headphone jack and the resistors on the back.
24Feb00 Added discussion on interfacing the FT-847 with 9600 bps modems/TNCs
21Feb00 Added link to FT-100 FAQs by K0LEE; expanded the discussion of DSP operations, adding new topics
16Feb00 Updated discussion on CAT cable; added discussion on receiver overload
07Feb00 Added discussion on interfacing with KPC9612; added discussion on separate RX and TX lines.
 06Feb00 Added discussion for interfacing MFJ-1278.
 30Jan00 Added update to SWR topic;update on Open Mike when TXing via Data In/Out port;new software offering
26Jan00 Added discussion on AM operations; updated software listing
25Jan00 Changed table of contents into a linear format.
20Jan00 Added discussions for Power Switch Problems, using internal keyer for practice, and antenna layout/triplexers; updated Inrad Filters discussion with a note from Inrad on 1.8 kHz vs 2.1 kHz filters.
03Jan00 Updated discussion on digital operations & Yaesu suggestions for interface;added typical alignment menu settings;
12/30/99 Fixed some broken links; updated a note on XMLOG software; added comment on errors in Operating Manual.
12/25/99 Added Shacklog to list of software that supports the FT-847
12/11/99 Added FAQ on Grounding Problems; added new microphone to Other Mikes
11/29/99 Added FAQ on interfacing MFJ-1276(1270); added to discussion on birdies
11/26/99 Added a FAQ on interfacing an SCS-PTC IIe to the FT-847; updated Other Mikes discussion with a new mike; added a report on the alignment menu for adjusting DISC-L and DISC-H.
11/19/99 Added an item to discussion on SWR indicator. Fixed one more link error.
11/13/99 Fixed some link errors.
11/07/99 Added new software for FT-847; restructured access to the files. Restructured complete FAQ pages for better loading; updated discussion on crossband operations.
11/01/99 Rewrote discussion of Stuck TX and added Control Panel Locked link to it
10/24/99 Updated Colin Lowe's web page address
10/12/99 Added an update to the ATAS-100 discussion - Please read it.
10/08/99 Added an update to the ATAS-100 discussion; added Software Item for Macintosh; added discussion on other mikes suitable for FT-847.
9/26/99 Added to FVS-1A Voice Synthesizer FAQ.
8/31/99 Added to ATAS-100 FAQ.
8/24/99 Expanded FAQ on Cross-band operation.
Listed more available software, Eddy F5EZH's Transpon(der) program.
8/16/99 Expanded FAQ on the Edit program.
8/15/99 Added Eddy F5EZH's program Edit to Software list.
Added very useful new information to the FC-20 & CAT Workaround (thanks to Rick K1RDM!).
Expanded FAQ for Cloning.
8/08/99 Expanded discussion on TX-GAIN in the Alignment Menu; added FAQ on cloning and configuration files.
8/05/99 Added FAQ on limiting TX power.
8/04/99 Added report of adjusting TX-GAIN on the alignment menu; expanded discussion of Tuning Knob Wobble-again.
8/03/99 Added FAQ for Transmit Stuck On but no Audio Output; expanded discussion of Tuning Knob Wobble. Added another Error in Manual; expanded FAQ for CTCSS; added Scanning Features FAQ.
7/31/99 Rearranged order to put newer FAQs at top of list; expanded discussion of frequency adjustments.
7/29/99 Added FAQs for Frequency, Errors in Manual.
7/28/99 Revised the discussion (previous discussion was wrong) of the Alignment Menu actions based on new information from David G7LMT. Thanks, David!
7/27/99 Reversed revision log order; added FAQs for PSK31 operations.
7/25/99 Expanded Digital Operations section; added user comments for INRAD filters. To make loading the main screen faster, you can no longer save this "page" and get the entire FAQ. Some topics are now on separate pages. To get all the FAQs on your hard drive (to read at your leisure later), you will have to access (and save) all the necessary pages. They are all marked in the Table of Contents.
7/23/99 Added Alignment Menu reports from others; updated software listing; added FAQ on interfacing with the PK-232.
7/15/99 Updated Special & Hidden Menu to discuss alignment menu in more detail.
07/11/99 Addl info on 5-pin mini-DIN; added new software to listing; added FAQ on hidden menus; add FAQ on stock microphone.
07/05/99 Add FC-20 Workaround for tuning range FAQ; revised FAQ on cross-band repeat feature; added Packet FAQ; added Noise Blanker FAQ; add this log; modified 5-pin mini-DIN FAQ; other edits.

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